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At Thompson Attorneys we understand the importance of transferring property and registering bonds promptly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We understand that communication is the crucial element in building a lasting relationship with our clients. We are well versed with the principle of time and time-management, coupled with the ability to force and resolve issues where necessary. We believe in a deadline mindset. This translates into providing a far more efficient service and a turnaround time on transfers and bonds which is extensively reduced.

We realized that conveyancing is all about money, and that time is money. At Thompson Attorneys, clients deal with the conveyancing attorney & manager, who remain in control of each and every matter, instead of being relegated to support staff. This ensures a personal service at all times for all our valued clients.

Clients interests always come first and a full-on effort is made to ensure that speedy, 

efficient and excellent service is given. Professionalism always comes first at Thompson attorneys. We realised that the traditional style of conveyancing practice to a large degree excluded the clients from the”information channel” thereby contributing to a degree of unhappiness and distrust of the conveyancing system.

We have learnt that a happy client is primarily an informed client who has been allowed and encouraged to participate in the conveyancing process and who gets what is due to him as quickly as reasonably possible. The members of our firm are therefore all conditioned to deal with each and every transaction as if it was their own property and as if they needed the proceeds from the sale desperately.

We try to ensure that all our clients during and at the end of the process are “happy clients”.


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Sale Of Immovable Property
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Ante Nuptial Contracts (ANC)
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Registration Of Sectional Title
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